Walls of Timeless Abundance and The Terms of Shameful Loss

by Grey Wulf

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on letting go, part one

written under the dense green blanket of tundra, Egegik, Alaska.


released December 29, 2016

Lindsay Raye Frech(album art)



all rights reserved


grey wulf Richmond, Virginia

"Grey Wulf, he speaks to even darker, weirder edges of music and culture, conjuring fringe dreamscape-cum-apocalyptic death marches. Take the song “Fated Grips Around the Neck of Destiny,” where Hakim-Bilal wraps the listener in a cocoon of impossibly beautiful sounds, only to reveal a more sordid, darker core beneath."

Alex Smith
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Track Name: NATALUS
Sigh, a loss, i let go, let go of us, you fall, i run, held all, but you waited, enough to give me our message, my turn to fall, sigh, we are not a loss, not a loss.
Track Name: Not Alone, Not Afraid, Not Lost
Not alone, not afraid, not lost
Track Name: Effinity
if i lost faith for a moment, then i devote that moment to you
for once, i let go, even if it was for a moment
fear is a cunning adversary
i wasnt ready to give it all away
apart of me had given it away to another
if we waited longer, if i wasnt so scared
if you just held on
but it doesnt matter anymore
we let go
and now we lost each other.
Track Name: Fated Grips Around The Neck of Destiny
my past,
drugs gone,
goals, infront,
still i learn,
from hated feign inside,
can't stand the thought,
i was that boy,
full of rage,
now that feeling, i thought was dead,
boils up to my surface,
here and there,
drowned in confusion,
i thought you were dead,
accept, except,
you are apart of me,
i cannot hate you anymore,
lost, boy, give, time, you, will, find, i am blind.
Track Name: Drowned In Your River
i drowned in your river,
drowned in your river,
drowned in you,
you drowned me,
drowned me in your river,
river you drowned me,
drowned me in your river,
Track Name: Mania(Sleeplessness)
three am, sleepless body eyes shut
a ghost of you, hidden in my real of tundra
nothing for miles
restless mind, fog permeates my isolation
you come to me again, wide eyes stare
smile on your face, i havent slept much these days
memory of your touch, torture in my darkness
i am alone for now, let me rest
i need my strength let me sleep
hugged by shadows
sleep, deeper still, sleep, never to wake
Track Name: Decadence
my when world was crashing
i thought of you
your smile, was the only reason
that world existed
now i am apart
sullen and drenched
Track Name: Still Heart
meagar mind go, lost for goals
an equal way when temptation goes round
around the sink rinse away our shame and our guilt which we had when we were bound
to hide and lose the growth of failure, when experience beats youth,
you've lost your ground
a truth that i know when my heart goes, blank and i lose the choice to feel